Game stay the game

I am so fucking tired of the people who listen to and judge rap music nowadays. People say rap is dead. What the FUCK does that even mean? Rappers in the 90s talked about drugs, trapping, fucking bitches, staying out of prison, assaulting snitches, raised in the projects,  shootings,  social themes like how fucked up the hood is, how hard it is growing up without a father, why they deal drugs and not get real jobs, how the white man fucked up the black man. So let me ask you haters something, WHAT THE FUCK HAS CHANGED.  I’m pretty sure I heard all of those on the last Game album. All rappers reference 90% of those statements in their music, even fucking Gucci Mane. So what the fuck has changed? Rap didn’t die, just Pac and Biggie.  I’ve read so many comments on Youtube videos and blogs these past years where I literally sign up on the website so I can comment and tell em what it is. I don’t wanna hear that, “Everyone has their own opinion” shit. There is a small line between good and bad, and good and great, and was and is. Rap game hasn’t changed, just the niggas in it (shout out Yola). There has to be a reason behind why people make the assumption. It’s pretty quite simple. People who grew up listening to 90s rap will say 90s rap is the greatest and anything after it sucks. This simple assumption applies to everything. Go ask your parents what they think what the greatest music era is. Or go ask a NY dude what the best city is in the world. Go ask an ATL figga where the capital of the South is. Go ask a redneck what the greatest race is…It’s that simple. Sure, we got different beats, styles, more metaphors in the songs. That’s how the game has evolved (or devolved as some of you haters put it). I’m a 21 year old college student in Atlanta, so I was raised on the post Biggie-Tupac era. That doesn’t mean I don’t know how much they have affected the game. I talked to people who grew up on that, I’ve researched plenty, and most importantly I’ve listened to the music. I will bump 90s rap until I die. Pac, Biggie, Bone Thugs, all that West Coast shit. But my generation of rap isn’t THAT big of a difference to the 90s. Especially not enough to say it has died. We just have different players in the game. Sure someone who grew up watching the Jordan era will say that’s the best basketball they will ever see. But I’m sitting here saying how can anything be better than LeBron, Wade, Dirky, Kobe, good Shaq, and the Boston Three Party? I know it ain’t better or worse, cause the game stay the game. Rappers have a unique career path. They grow up thinking they did what they HAD to do. I had to move yay, I had to pull that drive by, I had to go to jail. But when they hit stardom, they end up realizing they had a choice (a very hard choice maybe), but a choice nonetheless. That’s why everyone in the game turns out to be a family man when it’s all said and over. This is why they can’t keep up with the rap game anymore, and we have new players with new swag. I mean what rapper from the 90s is still making really good music? You might be able to name 3. But if we were talking about pop, country, or any other music genre, you could name a lot more than that.  Every game has new players every generation. That’s just the way it is.  Saying rap has died is telling everyone you’re too old and you grew up, meaning talking about selling weight doesn’t get you crunk anymore. Not that I sell weight (used to sell a lil reefer on the side but who hasnt?). Or it’s saying you a flat out hating ass p****. Just enjoy the music, and if you can’t do that anymore, than go back to your music, but keep ya damn mouth shut. Nobody wants to hear that ish. Peace


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Here it is…



Sorry it took me awhile, it’s not easy as I thought. Had to piss on the lil bastard.


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Hello world!

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